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French Skipping
This is another classic game designed for 1 or more players:-
You basically tie either end of the elastic rope to a post or get two children to put the rope around their legs making the height suitable for the children playing eg (10cm high).
You then make up your own routine, jumping over the rope, spinning around etc.
When everyone has completed the routine, you move the rope up the posts slightly making it harder, then everyone does it again.
Twang is a really good game for playing together and is suitable for boys and girls.
Each rope comes with a wooden butterfly to fasten the rope up with when finished playing.
If you order more than one Chinese Rope each one will be a different colour as shown in the photo.
Size: 2.5m long approx Children's Wooden Toys, something for everyone..
Handmade Educational French Skipping - 2.30

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